Jun. 30th, 2013

People have questioned my being so deferential to women over the years. I raised myself, like Don Quixote, on books wherein chivalry was the law of choice. I took it upon my manners and much felt it a good thing. Not that women were a weaker sex in need of champions, for I believe, with the exception of some upper body strength issues and urinating (with precision aim) while standing, there is very little that men can do that women cannot. So why, you may ask? I have always known that women are a magical and beautiful group of humans. Certainly there are those who are not, but the creature that is the female, in general, is the higher end of the human species. Once, during a tour of Turkey, I spent a two week period in which I encountered no females and it was soon torture. I did not realize how much until I boarded a plane and a pair of service members of that fair sex were on board, transferring to another base. I did not speak to them or approach them in any way. But the sounds of female voices and female laughter was intoxicating. I am not so macho that I cannot admit that during that flight, guarding that no one saw, I wept. A world without women is no world I would ever want to live. A world without men, that I might do, but not the other one. That world would, indeed, be a cold hell.



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