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Hey, Beverly, Nice to See You

“I'll be your clown

On your favorite channel

My life's a circus-circus rounding circles

I'm selling out tonight”

-Sung by Emelie Sande

(“Clown Lyrics”)

She was hovering over me. The love of my life, Beverly.

Her smile retrieved my spirit from the pain that was all that had filled my body before that.

Then there was a light. (Anything starting to sound familiar?) She had moved her head and I saw the brilliant light again.

Why was she wearing that nurse’s cap? I had never seen her in one. No, that wasn’t one of my fantasies.

Then I noticed that she had changed her hair. From uniformly black for most of the time we knew each other had come a dusting of grey, but never red. Why was her hair red now?

Damn. It was a nurse. She didn’t look anything like Beverly.

Hell, I was alive.

When I tried to move I wondered if that was such a good idea. Coggen had connected. It seemed to have gone through my chest and done damage to my collar bone.

My legs were still throbbing.

I turned my head, another thing I rethought after trying it. There stood Chester and Harry. They smiled at me. It looked as if they had been concerned and might now be a bit relieved that I was still alive.

“Did we do it?” I asked, with the voice of a gnat.

“Got ‘em all,” Chester smiled hugely.

“Cog…” I broke off in a fit of coughing.

“Coggen?” Harry ventured. When I nodded, both of them held back smirks and said, “Yes.”

“What’s so funny?”

“Well, boss, you didn’t need us at all. You jumped on the little monster yourself, and that was it for him, gun or no gun,” Harry told me.

“Knocked the air out of him, huh?”

“You landed on him and broke both his arms,” Chester was close to laughing out loud, “He didn’t have a good word to say about you, that’s for sure.”

“Called me names?”

Harry leaned over, in deference to the nurse, and repeated a laundry list of the foulest appellations I have ever heard.

I had to laugh.

That was, also, a bad idea.

But, it was a good feeling afterward.


© C. Wayne Owens

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