Jun. 29th, 2013

I have posted about this before, but not in a long time,so hear goes: We need, on Federal, State & Local levels the creation of commissions that would comb through the existing laws and find those that MIGHT be considered out of date, obsolete or so corrupted by amendments that they need to be put to the people for a vote, up or down, if they should remain on the books. If the current legislature feels that parts of them must be kept, let them pass new versions. These groups would also be a swifter method to petition repeals of laws. They could not repeal parts of laws, they could not pass new laws, they are not a legislative body. They would just be the people's agency to answer the over abundance of laws that become tools of people who want to use them against the hope of the law in the first place. Each few years there would be enough new laws that their work would begin anew. People could then feel like it was THEIR government again. If you didn't care to read the laws or vote on them, that was your choice, but you could no longer bitch about not having a voice. It would make for more work for the individual, but that is the price of democracy. Just an idea.
As long as I am posting impossible changes of the government that might save us, let's do the other big one: The elimination of Politics in America and the return of Citizen Legislators. On Federal, State & Local legislatures we enjoy the same method of elevation into our duty of those who pass laws as we use to parcel out punishment and justice in our courts. You will receive, in the mail, your notice that you are called to duty. Just like on Jury Duty, your first job is to be taught what is involved in governance. Those who learn best are put up to be tested. The best students then are put into the places of Congress, Council, School Board or whatever positions are needed. Only the President, Governors and Mayors are elected. Those who are on duty then are sequestered, with their families, into Government housing and serve for 2-4 years. They will be clothed, fed and housed. When they have finished service they will be mustered out, with their mandatory public service paid, just like military, peace corp or the like. They will be eligible for government loans to go on with their lives. Any form of lobbying is a capitol offense. Any corruption is a 1st class felony. Again, just an idea.



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